Looking In: How Women See the ‘Alt-Right’ & Why We Don’t Participate

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The reason I decided to start posting my thoughts in my own space on this website is largely due to the open and widespread hostility towards women, which runs rampant in so called ‘traditionalist‘, or ‘red-pill‘ alt-right type spaces. I grew extremely tired of defaulting to referring to, and raising awareness of the struggles women face – through use of only second or third person speech. The necessity of pretending to talk from a male or otherwise ungendered perspective became tiresome very quickly. It is hard as a woman trying to get these types of men to understand what we go through – and it is incredibly disappointing that they only seem to care when the woman in question is hypothetically a relative. Trying to convince myself that the endless tirade of what I can only at best call ‘locker room talk’, and at worst pedophile-enabling hate-think, could be in any way normal or acceptable – led me into a cycle of disillusionment-turned-anger which would only ever leave me feeling even more alone.

Despite the endless male whining about ‘wanting more women in the movement‘, as a woman in these spaces you learn incredibly quickly that your struggles and concerns do not matter – especially if you are white. Yet funnily enough – in these self labelled traditionalist ‘movements‘, if you present as an Asian female you will have an entire fetish crew ready and willing to bring you justice in the name of the ‘white race. It begins to really surprise you that groups of men who allegedly solely care about the ‘preservation of European peoples’, have zero empathy for what is required to actually do this. Which here of course means – ensuring white women are happy, willing, and unafraid enough to undergo the ordeal of pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing. Sure there are other factors at play here, but when talking about the continuation of our people – this is really all it boils down to. Many of these men take the nauseating view of us women as subhuman baby-machines, who of course do not deserve right of ownership to our own bodies – or wombs, as they like to reduce us to. If you are a woman this probably resonates with you, since woman-to-woman we know how obnoxious this attitude is – especially when it comes from a man who will of course never, ever bring a life into the world.

I’ve seen discussions between ‘god-emperor‘ worshiping men where in the same breath they condemn no-fault divorce, but in some kind of schizophrenic episode approve it for men who wish to discard a wife of twenty years, for a replacement pre-teen girl – simply because they are men and ‘patriarchy‘. They complain endlessly about how evil women are when they divorce just to ‘get money’, however deem it fitting to force all future white women until the very end of time to ‘pay up b****’, as some weird form of reparations. Maybe its some kind of strategy to crowd-fun their Asian sex-tourism, but I really can’t be sure.

There is alot that can be said about the commonly thrown around talking point of ‘default male custody’ – but that is an issue so toxic that I’m keeping it for its own post. However we know that this is only a logical approach – since according to ‘red-pilled‘ self taught ‘scientists’ armed with info-graphic jpegs, we now know that just because women carry babies it ‘doesn’t increase their bonding to a child’ – because anything related to women’s feelings is just a hysterical hormonal fit needing treatment, right? I have to giggle though, when these same men then go on to shriek like banshees when a new quarterly statistic is released detailing the newest information on our plummeting birthrates. Who could have guessed that white women aren’t feeling maternally inspired?

Many men of the ‘alt-right’ believe that the route to increasing marriage rates is to lower the age of consent to ten, enforce arranged marriages with virgin brides, and to practice female genital mutilation (to prevent cheating of course). Their fail-proof strategies to raise the white birth-rate consist of banning birth control – married or not, and allowing us to die of ectopic pregnancies and birth complications rather than ‘allow’ us abortions and emergency caesarian sections. Nobody thinks that perhaps, just maybe one effective step in managing the declining birth rate, and understanding female reluctance to have babies would be to look at what is causing this aversion. Who would have known that maybe by asking young women today what is frightening them into becoming a generation of tokophobics, that you may actually find the solutions you were looking for!

It is quite pathetic that it comes to this, but ultimately the majority of men do not comprehend women’s struggles the way we do, and nowhere is this more obvious than in ‘alt-right‘ spaces. Their blatant ignorance to understanding issues such as the plight for better childbirth options, is one encumbered by a generation of young men who likely have not ever considered where babies come from – as that would shatter the purely pornographic depictions of women held in their minds.

Many of these men are so long out of touch with the feelings and needs of women, that most in these circles truly do not understand what it is women actually want. This is of course, assuming that a ‘red-pilled’ man would even care about female well-being – if it didn’t directly ensure him access to no-strings-attached sexual encounters. It’s funny in a kind of a sad way that these same men who preach pick-up-artist culture, end up complaining at the end of the day that there are ‘no good women left’ when in search of a traditional wife. Why is it so hard for these men to recognise that by supporting sexual exploitation of women, and indulging themselves in pornified depictions of us – that they are actually destroying the very thing they claim is so precious. It isn’t exactly a stretch to explain the widespread female self-sexualisation and degradation we now see today, as a result of apparent male appetite and desire for it – since we as women know how much ‘modern’ men love their porn.

So now to really sum up why I believe that many women do not participate in the ‘alt-right’ – just consider all of the examples of disgusting attitudes I’ve described above, and then couple it with this extra toxic one. I’ve seen too many times to count, and have collected enough screenshots to make a dedicated post about this, men who express an attitude towards white women of ‘you’d better serve me b****’ – but this charming request is one that stands only until our replacements arrive ladies. Yes that’s correct, they want to ‘make do‘ with us ‘meat c****’ as they like to call us, but only until artificial wombs are created especially for them to use, and when perfect ‘anime waifu‘ sex-robots are stocked on the shelves of the local pedos-r-us ‘fashy‘ shop to satisfy their every ‘red-pilled‘ need. Considering that this hate-think is so prolific, and remains unchallenged by the masses of the ‘alt-right’, this forms a pretty solid theory for why sane women avoid this toxic ‘movement’ as if our lives depend on it. Since after all, these men believe the only way to saving the ‘white race‘, is to eliminate white women. This is only logical and rational though, everyone knows we’re the real enemy right?

‘Anti-Feminist’ YouTubers Part I: Career Propagandists & Distorted Egalitarianism


Image Credit: YouTube clippings from comments and video

I have noticed that in roughly the last six months – but especially in the last two, a noticeable number of women have been announcing themselves on YouTube as so called ‘anti-feminists‘. In terms of political positioning, they share a common worship of white ‘alt-right’ men, with most fully supporting the ‘Men’s Rights’ narrative of rights such as access to children without responsibilities to women and society. Talking points on their self-titled ‘shows‘ tend not to extend any deeper than discussions of ‘stupid feminists‘, ‘debunking college rape statistics‘, weird worship of Donald Trump (who can of course do no wrong), and very short segments about the ‘benefits‘ of civic nationalism and ‘egalitarianism‘. However you must not mistake this as an effort worthy of praise for ‘making an attempt’ to get an anti-establishment traditionalist message out there, as this is most certainly not what they are doing.

These women love to talk about how ‘white women are ruining everything‘, and that ‘white women are to blame for white men refusing marriage‘, and for our declining birth-rate, and so on. Of course in this slanderous act of throwing our white sisters under the bus for an extra Patreon donor, these ladies have conveniently made themselves exempt from their disgusting blame and vicious attacks on the women of our race. They will stop at nothing to tell their viewers repeatedly at any given opportunity or when given any sort of platform, that they are ‘different‘, ‘special‘, and lets not forget – ‘not like the other women. Much of their content is comprised of the most asinine and narcissistic self-praise that you will likely ever hear in your lifetime. These women frequently make diary-like videos where they talk to the limits of their attention spans, about ‘how they realised they were different‘, and that ‘life was so hard‘ because ‘other women didn’t like them for being (insert egotistical self-compliment here)‘. This isn’t just restricted to mere solo performances, during group videos with eachother often the go-to move when the extremely limited ‘political discussion’ they are capable of runs out, the audience falls victim to sounds of shrill and bratty shameless self-promotion. Which here of course comes in the form of, “Wow we are so alike! I’m special too! We aren’t like the other women! If only they were more like us! Women are the problem but not us because we’re different!“. In these ‘anti-feminist’ vlogs, the female hosts behave in such a blatantly disrespectful and patronising way towards us as women – almost consistently referring to us as ‘they’, and critisizing us as a group with terms like ‘the women do x‘, and ‘the women need to stop doing y‘. It is almost as if they are using this language to subconsciously exclude themselves by default, in some kind of weird narcissistic attempt at self-preservation.

What I find probably the most puzzling about this type of bullying behavior of keeping other women down, is that alot of what these ‘anti-feminists’ actually talk about is ‘how to get more women into the movement‘ – it is bordering on schizophrenic, and if not – what agenda are they really trying to push? Let me get one thing clear so that we make no mistake in understanding exactly what we are dealing with – these women, these ‘anti-feminist‘ YouTubers, they are not making content to reach out to women, and it is most certainly not in promotion of traditional gender roles. The content these women make, is created for a specific type of disenfranchised low-functioning male who feels angry at the world, and who isn’t yet aware enough to dig deeper for information – so instead blames the easiest and weakest target available, which is of course white women. Anti-feminist‘ YouTube personalities fully realise the level of frustration in the men they are dealing with, and know that there is money to be made from pandering to and at least pretending to be sympathetic to their plight.

Almost immediately after setting up their click-bait video channels, these women waste no time at all in linking to a paypal address for ‘donations‘, and cross-platform self promoting their Patreon account pages. There is no shortage of lonely men to pledge their hard-earned cash to this lucrative system of anti-white woman and anti-traditionalist MRA tier shrieking. It isn’t uncommon for these dishonest women to receive hundreds of dollars per low-energy recording they make – and that is just on top of the ‘donations‘ they receive, which amount to essentially money to tweet just like a paid shill. For these women, the message they promote is one that differs according to audience expectation, and therefore one which changes in accordance with likelihood of bringing in the most money.

People who genuinely want to help others aren’t in it for the money, and generally they don’t like to draw excess attention to themselves as it distracts from the message. The opposite of this is demonstrated consistently in the videos ‘anti-feminists‘ produce, where we are assaulted with a barrage of the most tedious jump-cuts, to ensure that only the woman’s ‘best angles’ and poses are shown in any of the footage. Rather than what we would hope to be the purpose of a social or political video – that being the message or call to action of alleged importance. There is a difference between editing segments of footage to remove irrelevant information, and piecing together clips of only a few words at a time into a Frankenstein like montage – in order to properly satiate the pornography induced, low-attention spanned masses of the ‘alt-right’. It is at best annoying to watch, and at worst a reminder of our social decline. Perhaps instead of spending countless hours painting their faces, buying foreign-made clothing, and painstakingly piecing together snippets of thought into four minute videos – an investment in topic research and debate skills would make a world of difference to the lame ‘propaganda’ these women manufacture.

Their YouTube homepages feature really self-congratulatory channel descriptions where they label themselves as ‘voices of reason‘ and even as anti-feminist ‘unicorns‘, among us mere regular plebeian womenfolk. They seem to think that ‘other‘ women are so lowly and painfully dull, that it renders themselves such incredible outliers that they actually try and rationalise their behavior by pathetically attempting to identify with men over women – even though they are rejected by both groups. How exactly they hold this belief in egalitarianism and the ‘equality of all‘, while believing that they are somehow ‘different‘ from other women, and that women are different from men, is a mystery.

Egalitarianism, or fourth wave feminism – perhaps pre-communism if you prefer to call it that, is at its core an ideology worse than feminism as we know it. It is nothing more than a natural progression and spread of the social cancer that is first and second wave feminism – except with a new name, and a more palatable image. Nu-feminists – or egalitarians, still demand in the same way feminists do for women to be at paid employment fulfilling male duties and male burdens as a means of ‘contributing‘ and being a ‘productive‘ member of society. It is in this ideology that biological differences between men and women are not legally recognized by any measure – although women still cannot escape our biological burdens. Women in egalitarian society still are stripped of their traditional roles in the name of ‘fairness‘ – when this can never be truly even or fair. This line of thought and behavior will only ever lead to a place of mass social acceptance for scientific interference in our reproductive biology – which of course would be government mandated. These ideas may sound extreme – but the evidence of this arising attitude is found in many ‘alt-right’, ‘manosphere‘ and even feminist-egalitarian discussions of artificial wombs and other forms of genetic engineering. In order to be truly anti-feminist you must oppose feminism in all its forms from its very inception. These YouTubers are not different or ‘special‘ as they will say they are, since they are generally only oppositional to third-wave feminism and talk about the ‘achievements’ of the first and second waves. You either reject first wave feminism and the social movements in its prelude, or you are a proponent of it’s entirety – there is no legitimate in between position. Any degree of support for, or subscription to the ideas of feminism will always lead back to the point of cultural Marxism we are faced with now – since this is of course driven out of a need for things to be ‘fair’ since nothing is ever ‘equal’ enough – and can never be.

However it is not the inevitable communistic outcome of feminist-egalitarianism that irritates me so greatly about the way these women preach – it is that they cannot even be consistent in their so-called ‘egalitarian‘ beliefs. They seem to have created a weird, abusive, and oppressive white-male supremacist version of egalitarianism which functions only to condone domestic, economic and sexual slavery of white women in the name of ‘fairness‘ to men. This is an ideology which does not sell very well to white women with even the smallest amount of self-esteem and self-respect, and does little to convince feminists that any women in disagreement with the leftist narrative are at all mentally stable.

In ‘based-egalitarianism‘ (cringe) women are held to the same standards as men are in terms of job performance and income, so any and all expenses can be split ever-so evenly – and that is where the consistency stops. They believe that no-fault divorce is acceptable, along with default paternal custody, praise is given to men who don’t pay child support to women, and women made to pay alimony to lazy degenerate ex-husbands are laughed at as ‘hilarious by-products of feminism’. The princesses of the ‘alt-right’ believe that women must cook everything for, and clean up after husbands and the red-pill mandated two-thousand children she is required to ‘pop out‘ (ugh) for the white race – all the while holding down a nine-to-five high income job so she isn’t a ‘leech‘. As if this wasn’t unappealing enough, they also believe that women must also be virgins at marriage, and that women with a ‘certain number‘ of partners are unmarriageable, sometimes they even encourage men to divorce the mothers of their children since apparently, ‘because of sexual history the marriage might not last anyway‘. This is all alongside shrill complaints about ‘the marriage rate‘, ‘women choosing careers over marriage‘, and ‘single mothers‘ – without ever considering, or bringing into question the role that men, the degenerate Marxist culture, and gender expectations in our society have in this. Alt-right men however strongly benefit from this ideology, since according to ‘red-pill egalitarianism’, pornography is acceptable, male cheating is justified, the age of consent is always open for debate, and where polygamy and arranged marriage are encouraged.

Here is where I really start to question the true intent behind the low-energy videos produced by these ‘anti-feminists’. They claim that a large part of the purpose for their presence in the ‘movement’ is to somehow spread knowledge to, and encourage other women to join. However they either completely lack self-awareness, or function only to make money from angry men, and catastrophically fail to help women ‘take the red pill’. Since what they are marketing essentially, is a new society wherein men are treated like golden gods, waited on sexually by unlimited pre-teen girls, and where women function only as sub-human slaves to serve the interests of those men. I truly do not understand how these people on the alt-right can honestly believe that normal white women have any interest in being part of a group of men, who actually think we are animals – much like how Islam views us. “Treat women well, for they are as domestic animals” Hadith: (Tabari IX:113). Often it seems the only life path of value they promote to any impressionable young women and girls viewing their propaganda, is simply that of trying your best to act as a feminine man. They give us this whole talk of ‘how unfortunate it is to be a woman‘, since we are ‘so inferior‘, yet they expect this to be uplifting and to inspire us to serve men for whatever imagined reason – and still react with shock when many women see egalitarian marriage as the loopy hellride that it is, and thus hold a career in preference.

The uncomfortable truth about these women YouTubers is that they demonstrate little else other than extreme narcissism and career-pandering spiralled out of control. They are not ‘based Aryans‘ with their dyed-blonde hair, and they are not ‘unicorns‘ or some other idiotic term of praise. Using the same empty talking points about why women are at fault of everything, and how it is already ‘too late‘ to ‘save the women‘, show only that they are very ill-informed of what is really going on in the World. Or that perhaps they are only put here to antagonize the already confused and disenfranchised youth into an unwinnable ‘gender-war’, so that nobody is clear-headed enough to stop and question to see who, and what the real enemy is. There have always been women in society who stop at nothing in crusades for money and attention, so it would be foolish to believe that women who may pander to your beliefs while asking for monetary ‘donations‘ at least twice in any given five minute period – could in any way be exempt from this criticism.

You very likely have already encountered the type of woman who will bully and ostracise her female peers in attempt to remove her competition, so that she is seen as more valuable, and thus more ‘special’ in the eyes of men. This draws very strong parallels with the way anti-feminist‘ YouTubers are only all too happy to throw other white women, and innocent girl-children under the bus if that is what it takes to maintain a larger share of the attention, and perhaps most importantly – a bigger slice of the alt-right donation pie.

This is a lengthy post and will be continued in: Anti-Feminist’ YouTubers Part II: Faux Traditionalists & Bad Role Models

Don’t Marry A Lazy Woman


Image Credit: My edit, ebay.com (rose image) & original advertisement

I want to extend a big thankyou for the kind messages I have received from the traditional men who read my blog! It is much appreciated and inspires me to write from other perspectives. Lately, with the popularity of my ‘Go Away Red-Pill Salesman‘ post I have feared that people only see me coming across as anti-male and anti alt-right, when this is not the full story. I can sympathize heavily with the plight of the traditionalist or mislabeled alt-right man in the modern day – it is a very lonely life to lead. In fact I would guess that it is in actuality harder for a traditionalist man to find a good and useful woman than it is for a woman to seek out an old-fashioned man. This results in two unavoidable outcomes – dejected young men who have no luck with women and can find friendship in male spaces and groups,  and isolated women who have no social circle other than a husband. Again, I’m very sorry if anyone has perceived me for someone who defends all women for any behavior – if there was a woman who knew how few and far between traditionalist ladies are, I would be one. Now, in the general tone of this blog – this post will be harsh, and I will generalize. So to any traditionalist ladies reading, this is not an attack on you, but an attack on the ‘pretenders’ as I will call them.

There is only one thing that I despise more than entitled woman-hating men in the realm of faux-traditionalists – if you haven’t guessed it, I’m talking about lazy, unskilled and unworthy women. I’m sure at some point you may have seen this type of woman-thing, the ones which manifest themselves as all-day television watching, entitled naggers. They are the type who often screech about how they ‘deserve’ a man with a six-figure salary, home ownership and classic good-looks, while themselves offering very little. I cannot stand this type of woman who only aspires to be a ‘housewife‘ so they ‘don’t have to do anything‘. This also applies to women who stay at home and do not homeschool their children – in my eyes this is nothing short of repugnant behavior. A woman of this variety often cannot cook, and many have such little self-awareness that they actually brag about this. Of the women that can cook, their version of it is rarely healthy, nutritious, or cost-effective, and don’t even get me started on their lack of ability to plan meals for a week without wastage. Today you are hard pressed to find a young lady who takes pride in her home environment beyond scraping by the bare minimum of cleanliness standards. What is it going to take for women to realise that video games, movies and celebrity gossip aren’t hobbies and they don’t make you interesting – especially if that is the only conversation you are able to sustain.

What bothers me probably the most about these women is that their lack of motivational drive gives true and resourceful traditionalist women a bad name. I have experienced this first hand too many times to count since rejecting a career-path. Many women today are so deluded that they actually believe staying at home, keeping a clean and inviting house, baking cheap nutritious meals three times a day, and honing domestic handicrafts is somehow so ‘beneath‘ them, that they find it appropriate to bully women who fill these roles. All because lazy, do-nothing, pretend ‘traditionalist’ women are going about town and painting us as ‘leeches’. A true traditionalist woman feels at peace in this family-centered role, and we adore having the opportunity to homeschool children, and spend lots of time with our loved ones. It is a truly beautiful thing to fulfill domestic duties so that everyone has more time to do the things they love, and to better themselves. I feel endlessly sorry for the wonderful men out there who do not want their wives working, but are unable to control this from happening. They end up in hellish egalitarian relationships where fights happen daily about chores never being ‘equal’ enough, and where nobody has more than a spare hour on the weekends.

Tremendous sadness plagues me in empathy for the many true and worthy men out there, as I see how much of a minefield dating women is today. Often I believe that alot of men grow more anxious every year as they ‘haven’t met someone they’d like to date yet‘, and as a result abstain from relationships entirely. The frustration this causes is greater than I could ever fathom, and I can only make guesses as to where this leads. Hence this being the reason that the intense dislike I have for lazy women is much greater than what I have for unworthy men – as I can see that it is often the lack of true traditionalist ladies which causes the long-term resentment and loneliness, which becomes hateful ‘alt-right’ types.

This is why, as a man, it is so important to analyze the home-ethic and interests of a woman you are interested in very carefully when considering marriage. Looking for a professional-tier chef isn’t necessarily what I mean by this, however a woman you choose must be of high-spirits and always motivated to learn new skills, and willing to self-improve without constant nagging from you. Look for the woman that is filled with energy and joy when asked what she would love to do if she had time. This could be the creative woman who loves to draw, she could help make wholesome art to share on social media to inspire pride in others. Or she could be the thrifty one who loves to restore furniture and enjoys saving money – she could help you fund a house faster (since we know that two can live as cheaply as one). A woman with an affinity for gardens could set up a self-sufficient vegetable patch for your home, and share knowledge to help others do the same. The do-it-yourself junkie could make you realise that yes there is enough space to become preppers in your inner-city apartment with clever storage ideas. Imagine how much money you could save if your wife is able to mend and tailor all of your clothes and make her own? Wouldn’t it make you feel proud and at peace knowing that your woman is capable of many skills, and would fare okay if our society were to change? An ideal traditional woman should strive to be all of these things I’ve mentioned, as this is her duty as a worthy wife. Self-improvement doesn’t mean perfection, and nor is that what we should obsess over – but the ability to try is of crucial importance in a wife.

Never marry a woman who cannot bear to get up early, or never does things to bring happiness to others. At first sign of ‘I can’t be bothered’, or excessive self doubt you must try and offer encouragement as self-confidence could be the only thing missing. However you must never settle for a woman who will not try her best. If your heart is set on the traditional path of providing for a woman, be sure that she knows what is expected of her – and confident that she will be suitable for the role. Never has it been so easy for a woman to stand out amongst the feminist masses – yet few do. Show her that this path is invaluable and will make her uniquely special by learning increasingly rare and important skills. Do not fall into the fallacy which is the ‘numbers game’ by pursuing large quantities of women. As a good man, you must be able to see value where it is present, or potential where it is unused. Do not accept excuses from undeserving women who seek only to use you.

Remember that if you want a solid and happy family, the first step is finding the right mother. This noble responsibility lies on your shoulders as men, and you must be assertive in your choice of woman to court, showing her that you are trustworthy and a stable man worth being with. Since marriage builds family and leaves your legacy behind, you as men must take it seriously and not become unmotivated in your endeavors to find a mate.

A good woman will prosper and join arms with you in greatness, an inferior one will only speak of your achievements and grow bitter for lack of her own.

Why Men Must Always Pay for Dates

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Image Credit: Collage pictures sourced from twitter, clippings from comments

I’ve had numerous discussions in my life with women in regards to who should be the one to pay for dates. A common theme in the responses echoed is one of disdain. Either shown by lamenting male refusal to pick up the tab, or in the form of resentment towards their internalized responsibility to pay their own way. We can see that women as a whole aren’t pleased with the current dating climate, and this is causing strife for young couples and marriage rates in society today. As there are many parts to this complex question I’ve decided to lay out my arguments under headings, since they are all distinct key issues.

 Why He Won’t Pay

If a man makes or attempts to make you pay for a date, the first thing you must realise is that this is insulting and could expose a variety of inherent character flaws on his behalf. It is very important to recognise these behaviors for what they are, in order to better avoid this type of man – saving yourself time and hassle in the long run. In the following sections I will explain the thought-processes of the different types of men who refuse the check.

He Considers You Unworthy

A man may be unwilling to, or outright refuse to pay for a date if he doesn’t believe that you are of high value or status enough in his mind to justify the expense – since if he really liked you he would be trying to impress you! From this you can gather that he just doesn’t think you’re that great. Think of it this way, if a man thought a woman was so amazing and beautiful – he would want to be the most impressive suitor. And if this is true, and he does want to present himself as the best man, he would at the very least pay the woman’s way on the dates he has asked her on. This is because after all, he knows that her time is precious as a high-status woman and he wants to ensure that she believes him worthy – therefore explaining his need to avoid inconveniencing and thus off-putting her.

Because He Can

A man might be reluctant to pay, or jokingly mention ‘splitting the bill’ or similar as a test to determine if he can ‘get away’ with not paying. This is often a distinct indicator of a lazy individual, and a warning sign that such a man will not provide in a marriage. It is likely that this type of man has no protector drive or instincts, since this is a clear attempt on his behalf to take advantage of you as a woman. He will not see anything wrong with his behavior since it now is widely socially accepted for women to pay their own way – and even promoted. Ladies beware of this type of man, however kind he may seem to you – as he will try and get away with treating you and other women as doormats if he believes it possible.

Narcissistic Personality

Sometimes a man may refuse to pay your way, and if he happens to cover your meal – he will only do so with an amount of kicking and screaming, demanding your eternal gratitude. This man may like you, but he will refuse to pay as he believes he is some kind of alpha male extraordinaire – or something else equally as cringe and narcissistic. He likely believes dating and courting is about female ability to impress him – rather than the true opposite. If you encounter this type of self-serving man on your dating ventures I strongly advise you run far away, before he can break down your self worth.

‘Feminist’ Free-Loader

Another possible reason that a man may not pay your way on a date, is a subscription to feminism. There are many young men today who label themselves as ‘feminists‘, not out of misguided ‘care‘ for women – but instead as a means to take advantage of and use us ladies, while maintaining the moral high-ground monopolized by the left. This type of man is what I call an ideological free-loader – and specifically in this case, one of the ‘feminist’ variety. Many of these men are abusers by default – since this is exactly the type of weak male who is attracted to feminism, which is (as I’m sure you know if you read this blog) an ideology that removes male responsibility, allows men free sex, children without commitment & encourages women to absorb the male providing role. A feminist ‘nu-male’ may proudly recite rhetoric which declares patriarchy as oppressive, all in an attempt to argue that splitting the bill is an act of respect towards you as an independent woman – when this is clearly untrue. He also may take the route of claiming ‘gender equality’ as justification why you should pay your way – therefore allowing him to waste your time at no cost to him. The flaw in the equality argument of a male ‘feminist’ is the fact – yes fact – that he as a male will never endure female biological burdens. Thus his demands will only ever amount to a kind of pseudo-equality, wherein any alleged support he gives to feminism, will only be where it benefits him – rationalized of course in the name of ‘progress’. Run don’t walk ladies, and don’t forget to block this one on any and all social media – we know how much these types love to screech and squeal about ‘evil white women’.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay

As women trapped in the modern hell-era we are faced with today, we have long been exposed to toxic attitudes about gender roles and dating expectations thanks to social engineering programs like feminism. Over the course of my life and friendships with women, a common discussion to be had is the lament of frustrations around confusions of who must pay for dates. Many young ladies today express sadness at the state of courting, and mourn the loss of chivalry – to give these actions a proper name. As women we have been taught that we have no intrinsic value, and must prove ourselves the way men must. This has lead to a myriad of problems and contributed heavily to the degraded psyche of the average young woman today. Here I will explain why you as a woman should not ever pay, or be expected to pay for dates you have been asked to by men. It is important to realise your value and worth as a woman, and to understand that you must use this power to ensure that you are treated only with the respect you deserve.

It Won’t Impress Him

As a woman offering to pay your way, you might think that this will impress a man who is courting you – however the opposite effect will occur. Insisting you pay for for yourself will lead a man to believe that you are in some way desperate, low quality, or even a pushover who he can use as a doormat. Don’t do it ladies. This action on your behalf teaches men that effort put in to impress you is not necessary. Instead of a lady for him to court and woo, you will become part of his male buddy-league who is cool with going halves on the bar tab – except with the female companionship thrown in for free with no added effort or extras on his behalf! Some men may claim that they are ‘fine‘ or ‘happy‘ for you to pay your way – do not mistake this gesture for a well intentioned one, since what man trying to impress you would let an opportunity to do so slide?

He Is Lucky To Have Your Time

Always remember, you do not ‘owe’ a man anything in exchange for his payment of the date. Never feel as if you must pay or else he might ‘expect’ something in return, I cannot stress this enough. The fact here is that he is paying for something from you as a woman – your valuable and non-renewable time and energy. Think of it this way, you’ve taken your weekend evening to spend time with this man, getting to know him – maybe developing some underlying feelings. You’re about to go and spend what possibly is a Saturday night (aka the most valuable single woman’s night of the week) with a man, who needs to show that he will be a good provider and protector to you (so in other words, a worthy mate). He is vying for the chance to be your husband, and if you are fertile, kind and domestically skilled – you should have many men competing for this role since you are a high-status woman. If you don’t have many men trying to impress you then you are likely doing something wrong or you are not effectively feminine enough. It matters who you choose to schedule dates with – after all there are only fifty-two weeks in a year, and it can take more than a few weeks of dates to get to know someone – especially if he has a busy schedule. You as a young woman, need to ensure that you only go on dates with men who you deem to be ‘very possibly marriage material’ – and filter as fast as you can from here. A man who you have agreed to go on a date with should consider himself quite lucky if he is romantically interested and looking for marriage – since he has progressed quite far in forming a relationship with you. Bottom line is, what the man ‘gets’ in return for the monetary cost of the date, is an opportunity to get to know you without actively worrying about other suitors – since you have agreed to court. He has already proved himself over other men to you, you have already expressed interest – so now it is up to him to follow through. This is valuable – and important.

You Definitely Do Not Owe Him Sex

You should never pay your own way for fear of owing a man sex. There are women out there who offer just that, however this is not the purpose or expectation of a date – if a man is dating he should be looking for a wife. After all, you wouldn’t walk up to a woman on the street and proposition her for sex in the form of a date – that would be harassment. There are many men out there who date women without any intention of marrying, this is socially damaging behavior as it promotes acceptance of responsibility avoidance by men – and thus abuse of women. If a man is looking for or expecting sex, he shouldn’t feign romantic interest in a woman to get it through coercion.

Know Your Value

Ladies always remember, we are the ones who carry and birth the babies – and men know this. You need to leverage this ability when finding a good provider and remember that you have full and total control over this process. If a man wants a good wife who will be a homemaker and nurturer to his legitimate children – he needs a good traditional woman. Forget the ‘sexual market value‘ hate-think the red-pill rapists preach, this is the true economy of relationships. Never forget your value as a woman, or brush off the sacrifices women make in life and health to bring the next generation of only the luckiest of men’s progeny into existence. (Think about how in nature not many of the males get to have offspring – so save your fertility for a man who is truly worthy). What you naturally have as a woman is already valuable – remember this. A man needs to prove himself of value and worth. However you must also never neglect in improving yourself wherever you can, as this will secure you retention of a high-status man – which of course describes a healthy young man who is faithful, truthful, a good provider and loyal protector.

It Doesn’t Make You A ‘Gold Digger’

The necessity for the man to pay for dates is not one rooted in some strange motivations of being a ‘gold digger’, however it is also important not to act like one either. The process of courting, dating and going out is not one fixated around dollar value in wages and built up assets. This may come to the dismay of many self-proclaimed ‘traditional‘ womanizers in their thirties and forties who are holding out for some teenage bride. Of course it is a given that a man must be able to provide for a wife, however this does not mean that traditional ladies are simply after a lump cash-out sum. Real traditional young women are looking for a reliable man, and cannot be swayed by irresponsible older men with stock portfolios, as we are not for sale. It doesn’t take a genius to see through these manosphere-tier claims that all young women supposedly want some late-thirties loser with money instead of morals. Any one of us can realise that this combination results in an unfaithful man. High status young men men have steady incomes and ample time to spend with family and on masculine self-improvement. This is more important than ever since your husband can now divorce you at any time, for any reason due to ‘no-fault divorce’. Never has loyalty been more important for traditional women than it is now. Not to mention we no longer benefit from welfare safety nets such as the widow’s allowance and default alimony. Women are literally putting themselves in danger by choosing the traditional route and rejecting the slavery which is a dual-income household. Traditional women do work, but they do not earn income, which is interesting to say the least – since don’t some people pay housekeepers, chefs, and nannies?

Hopefully if you have been feeling frustrated about the distortion which is dating ettiqute today, or if you have been anxious about your traditional views on who should pay for dates – that you now find yourself equipped with a debating arsenal to help explain your views to others. Feel free to use any of this advice when arguing with your female friends, or just to make a discussion more succinct.

Please note that all of my opinions on dating gender roles discussed in this post come only from a true and legitimate traditionalist perspective, I have no intentions to pander to ‘egalitarian‘, ‘anti-feminist‘, ‘MRA‘, ‘Red-Pill‘, or otherwise ‘modern‘ dating customs. I will expand on my post series on courting and dating etiquette in the near future. Thanks for reading!

When the World Becomes too Much

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Image Credit: Instagram

I wish I was strong like the people who confront harsh realities daily, who always inspire strength in others. But try as I do to pretend otherwise – I am an emotional person and the hurt I feel sometimes becomes too much to bear.

It’s something I have been wrestling with, and it keeps me up at night.

It haunts my dreams. It seems to linger and follow me around. Its everywhere I look.

The news articles multiply, everything surrounding me seems to be burning, blazing at a thousand degrees and few seem to notice, and fewer care.

I check the headlines intermittently throughout the day, and again, and again it comes.

Financial woes – no retirements for us.

Jobs lost to china, humans replaced by machines.

Will we ever be able to buy a house?

Our streets, towns, and neighborhoods become unrecognizable, as foreigners arrive with no intention to be like us.

When will be the day that I wake up, and discover I’ve become the persecuted odd one out in this place my own people built?

Will my children be safe?

Another day, another terrorist attack that they’re calling ‘lone wolf’.

The headlines say an ‘unknown man‘, and that despite his ethnicity and background being known, its kept quiet. (When we all know if it had been a white man, the headlines would tell us, and they’d rush immediately to interview neighbors and preschool classmates.)

Most media won’t publish photos of the criminal – even though there is ample footage.

Nobody will admit that this is another planned and enjoyed act of non-white hate or Islamic extremism.

Nobody wants to be called a ‘racist‘ for daring to say WHO is killing us in our streets, and turning our welcoming ‘liberal‘ societies into trustless no-go zones.

I hear a mother-of-two has been killed, yes another one. What point is there in specifying which when there are so many now? The question of which incident I am referring to is a troubling sign in-itself don’t you think?

My heart hurts and I emotionally bully myself into tears thinking of the wrenching pain that murdered woman’s children would have felt, realizing that their mother would never be there to pick them up from school. How long will the tolerance last in those kids? What will happen to them?

Our people are dying, we are being murdered by foreigners who are invading our streets and IT MATTERS. IT HURTS.

I dream of running away into the bush and creating a new life, but what good would that do? How could I run like a coward if I have even some small capacity to try and shake others out of their gaslit states. Every single day it breaks my heart what is happening to our people and sometimes it becomes too much to bear and the pain is too great.

I imagine what life must have been like for those who are now throttling our young with their economic greed, and for those before them. How could they ever have allowed this to happen to us? Why doesn’t anyone want to build our people up anymore? The lure of an extra dollar is so strong that those who were born into prosperous economies, now shift the factories they started out in overseas, without even a single thought to the damage they are causing the young, our future.

It seems money has become such a wicked thing today that a large number of some would be prepared to bleed their babies dry if that’s what it would take to have that extra holiday bungalow.

And its not just money, what about our freedom? What about the happy image we have in our heads, of what our ancestors must have enjoyed? I dream about days of living in a village, knowing my neighbors and helping eachother in times of need. A simple life full of joy and love, with absence of reckless consumerism. Growing food for ourselves, producing what we need with care and pride. Just imagine living in a place where life is beautiful, and our worlds are smaller – filled only with those like us, ones we can trust.

When I think of my own engagement and what to do for a wedding, my mind’s ideal would be a celebration in the village hall with flowers in my hair. Everyone smiling and happy, well-wishing us and hoping for a new baby. There would be no quarrels, no niggling questions of finances, and no elitism about venue or dress. There would be no focus on recording every second – since these moments are alive in our minds – remembered only by those who really matter.

Life is beautiful, but the world we have is not beautiful.

And this makes me sad, because it ought to be. Our ancestors wanted it to be, they toiled so hard, many died for our safety and to preserve their way of life. And now politicians all owned by the same people put on performances and fake disagreements so they can take our voice away and pretend like what we have is a ‘democracy’ because we ‘vote‘.

Is this going to go on until we self-destruct, or will people wake up and take action?

These are the thoughts that haunt me.

These questions linger in my mind and burn a searing hole in my heart since the happy ending isn’t where we are headed. At least not at the current moment.

Sure some people label themselves as alt-right, and the red-pill date rape squad try and reel people in on promises of improvement and happiness. But when did we get to be so self-centered? Why is the self the only thing that motivates us? When did we forget about our people, our culture, and our way of life? The communities that filled us with meaning, and our Pagan Gods that gave us hope?

I don’t see the likes of our ancestors manifested in many today.

Ladies I see you too, I know your pain.

We are living in a society which bullies us into going against our nature, and victim to a people who demote us as women – stripping us of the pride we ought to feel in our maternal duties and feminine strengths.

Our men do little to help us, many seem allergic to the very notion of providing for a woman, or in using their physical strength to protect us.

If it were not for female gender difference and everything which comes along with it, our men would never exist. So why can’t they repay us and contribute what they can, when we already do naturally? Why are the nu-men so self-serving and cruel?

Maybe it is the years of pornography which has polluted their minds?

Could it be the feminist narrative which is making them feel so unneeded and discarded by us, when they are very much not?

Perhaps they cannot understand the plight of others since marriage is apparently ‘outdated‘, families are ‘boring‘, and children are ‘gross‘ – so what need is there at all in other people?

Our people, our men, didn’t used to be this way. Our men were strong and they loved us as women so much that they fought and died to protect us. Doing everything in their power and suffering through sweat and agony to ensure our way of life, and that our children would have a place to go on.

This kind of raw love for one’s own is something I believe is now so rare in us – and especially our men, that I often wonder if it has disappeared.

The care, devotion and sacrifice shown in the lore and histories of our ancestors seems absent from our World.

Do women truly exist anymore who can be strong and ruthless when called to, out of sheer love for our kind? Will women ever be able to recognise motherhood as a virtue, and once again strive to love and care for husbands and children as a fulfilling life purpose?

Are men capable of loving us women the way they used to? Will there ever be a time again where our men protect our people from invaders, rather than inviting them in as wives?

I feel so sad watching women throw away their fertile years with awful and manipulative men. Knowing that there is little I can do to intervene. I hate sitting idly by as they waste their lives with men who can’t promise to stay faithful, let alone promise to keep them safe.

When are we going to say when?

I know how many people are fed up, the bottled up fermented rage fills many around us, but when are we going to get organised together and demand change?

It isn’t enough to lobby in the polite way and ask our masters ‘oh please just let me have somewhere to live and food to eat, oh please don’t take take that away too‘. We need to take back what was rightfully ours. And we need to be prepared to do what it takes.

And it makes me so angry, and I love this rage that I feel – it fuels me. It isn’t healthy to hang on to this anger out of fear like to many of us do. We are European, we were not supposed to live this life, our ancestors didn’t fight for this distorted hell we are locked in.

Where the faceless, militant government has its tendrils wrapped around the necks of every last part of our society.

I’m sick of this endless surveillance, and being sold electronics which spy on us – even if merely just to advertise and manipulate.

If its all supposed to keep us safe, then why aren’t we?

And if you dare question this or any other injustice, you must be some tinfoil hatted kook right?

I don’t care for labels anymore, and I think we’ve grown out of shaming. There isn’t enough time to stand around bickering and forgetting who and what the real enemy is.

I’m sick of waiting around for people to stand up and yell, to scream it out they’ve been wronged. I’m disgusted at the cowardice and weakness of our men and women for being too afraid to defend what is ours.

I hate it, and I’m growing weary in my tolerance of foolishness.

How can people be so stupid?

There really is no other way to say it.

So to the reader, when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, or that the world is too much to handle – don’t try and shut out the pain and the sadness. Accept it and let it energize you, allow your anger to give you strength in these times of darkness. However hard this acceptance may be, it will be your only savior.

It is okay to clear your mind for a while, and regain your sense of spirit. None among us are perfect – and we cannot live lives of constant battle. However you must never allow yourself to surrender hope and fall into nihilism. This has never made us strong.

So take this message with you, and know that when you may see others who seem oblivious or uncaring to the state of things, maybe you should take the time and ask them this.

Are you fed up too?

You might be surprised.

Female Biology and Dealing with ‘Multiculturalism’


Image Credit: barenakedislam.com  [my edit]*

Have you ever really thought about how unnatural the concept of multiculturalism is? This isn’t a comment that comes from a place of racism, discrimination, bigotry or whatever other popular buzzword. Instead it comes from a basis of human history and innate evolutionary survival instincts – something which may not seem too apparent to some, but it is within us all. Even babies have an instinctive racial in-group preference. So with this fact in mind, and with the reality that multiculturalism and ‘diversity’ is forced upon us everyday in every way, and in every facet of our lives – how could this be affecting us as a people?

Interracial multiculturalism is an unusual requirement in-itself for the demanded ‘diversity’ of which white European,  and white western nations are today overwhelmed with. I don’t see it ever mentioned or remarked upon in this era that European peoples are in fact diverse, and actually hold varied unique customs, traditions, foods, languages and thus cultures. Although Hollywood and the media are in denial over it, the reality stands that Europeans are people from Caucasian racial sub-types who do actually exist as separate peoples with distinct cultures which do vary from region to region. I am sure it would be racist to ignorantly say that all black people from the African continent are the same, and must share the same culture because they are black. Yet for some reason, if I was to say that all white people from continental Europe are the same, and they therefore share the same culture because they are white, nothing would be said.

Western nations such as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand are technically already multicultural regions according to the meaning of the term. Since as is hopefully common-knowledge, the white populations in these countries are the result of settlement and development by European peoples – Irish, English, German, Dutch, and so on. What enabled European peoples to exist and live alongside each other in these colonies is a shared fundamental set of beliefs, values and ideas about morality. This common and accepted standard for what is just and unjust behavior helped to enforce a consistent moral and legal code for these colonies as developed nations. So since this is the case, why does it not count as ‘multiculturalism’ when we refer to European cultures, and instead we label white multiculturalism as ‘culturally empty’? Why is it that mass third-word non-European immigration is forced upon every crevice of our society and labelled ‘multiculturalism’ – when we in western nations were already culturally diverse? Why not call a spade a spade, and acknowledge that this is about race and not culture? Perhaps it isn’t labelled ‘interracial-multiculturalism’ because it doesn’t sound so warm-hearted and glamorous on prime time television? Since in-truth, interracial multiculturalism isn’t something to celebrate, we used to call it invasion.

Interracial multiculturalism, or globalism if you will, is not something which we actually had a say in. The thing is, these people which our government voted behind our backs to ship in, do not share the same moral values as we do – and our governments know this. This flood of third-world immigration has put us as white women in danger, and since it was our leaders who instigated it – I think that they have committed domestic terrorism, that is if you think the safety of our women is important at all whatsoever. European cultures when compared to the moral values of other racial cultural clusters, have always treated their women with a much larger degree of respect and protection. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that chivalry was not just good manners, but a man’s duty (to use a word which has long since gone out of press).

As women who are aware of the reality that there exist vile and violent men – participants in actual ‘rape-cultures’ – we logically fear these foreigners. No this isn’t some hysterical manufactured ‘Islamophobia‘ or whatever nonsense the mainstream media (MSM) likes to call it, it is a legitimate fear of something which actually is dangerous. Our bodies fight off foreign elements everyday – it is a part of our innate biology. Since what is foreign to our bodies and therefore lives, is much more likely than not to present a possible and very real danger – as in one way or another, the foreign element is incompatible with our existence. It also goes to show that it matters not whether you can ‘transcend’ your instinctual fear of ‘enrichment’, since as in the case of Elin Krantz her tolerance and pathological altruism didn’t save her from what we have come to expect from these barbaric and hateful ‘multicultural’ men. As a woman if you already do not realize this, your fearlessness or so-called ‘bravery’ won’t change the reality which we face. These imported aggressors do not respect white women, and see it fit to rape us as they please in the name of either their ‘culture‘ or religious practices. Don’t try and fool yourself into believing that they seek anything else from our lands than to steal our technology, resources and wealth and exploit our inherent generosity. Just have a look at what the former Dubai Chief of Police has to say about Swedish women below.


Image: Twitter [Archived: original post and translation post]

It is easy to forget in this age of feminist ‘equality‘ where biology doesn’t exist, men can be women and where nobody thinks about having babies, that actually despite social ‘progress’ women do in fact need protecting. This protecting is what our ancestors, our forefathers did, they fought for their women, their country and their way of life. They fought and died to protect it, in order to preserve a future of safety and well-being for their descendants through their heroic sacrifice. But what are our men doing now? The  invasion is in our streets, engulfing our cities and even extending its tendrils out to our small towns. Us as white women are being raped, beaten, lit on fire, and our mutilated corpses left in the public for all to see by these foreigner male invaders who apparently were meant to ‘enrich us’. Where are our men? I truly don’t see many of them trying to protect us, few even show apparent concern, many even make jokes about it in the name of being ‘progressive’. How many white men after all do you see on a regular basis with some Oriental female, or with a lust for pornography so insatiable that they barely are able to function in society? It is frustrating to see them complain that women are no long ‘feminine’ and ‘sweet’ to them, when we suffer the reality which our men have done little to stop. It is hard to keep up a farce of naivety when the invasion is in our lands, and moving in across the street. How are white women supposed to stay ‘calm and docile’ when we are being murdered and raped, while our men seem not to care?

The fact is these foreign men are dangerous, this is reality – feelings will not be able to make this truth an untruth, however hard cowards and globalists try. How many white women will need to be raped, mutilated and killed to make this daily occurrence ‘reliable scientific fact’? It is completely disgusting to respond to this truth with saying the asinine ‘not all (insert so-called oppressed, so-called minority here) are like that’. How many is enough then? If thousands upon thousands of victims are not enough, then how many is? Perhaps it will dwindle down to the very last white woman, and then the peer-reviewed study will have been published. Since as we all know by now, anything which is not from a source or person represented or affiliated with a trademark is ‘fake news‘ right? It is sort of uncanny really, it is almost as if we are being controlled by some sort of regulated propaganda machine.

This mass interracial ‘multiculturalism’ which white women are confronted with every waking moment is an extremely unnatural situation – never really dealt with before in the history of human society. Think about it, did we call the Turkish invasion of Yugoslavia ‘diversity’ or ‘multiculturalism’? Did the countless Balkan women who were viciously raped and enslaved by perverted and bloodlust driven men celebrate the ‘enrichment’, and welcome the invasion in with ‘tolerance’?

So why is it that now, and only now, that white women, and only white women, are expected to welcome in our own rape, torture and murder by third-world invaders? All the while our men seem to sit idly by with their Asian ‘waifu’, highspeed access to ‘hot sexy vids 24/7’, and complain that the world is burning around them.

I think you know the answer.

*Note on header image – I am aware this came from a confirmed ‘fake’ billboard, but I think it makes no difference. This message may as well be real – as this is the reality European women are faced. A 17-year-old girl in Denmark was actually fined for the mere use of pepper spray against an oppressed immigrant rapist, how bigoted and racist of her indeed.

**Will be adding more linked news sources to this later.

Go Away ‘Red-Pill’ Salesman


Image Credit: Collage pictures sourced from duckduckgo.com image searches

I found the first graph image (seen above) on an image board thread about strategies to get ‘normies’ on board with the ’cause’, and discussion ideas and concepts on how to better ‘red-pill’ them. Plenty of threads similar to these circulate regularly, yet the key themes remain consistent – that which is often an us-vs-them mentality, where  anyone who doesn’t fit with either group is by default a soulless, sheeple lemming without a clue. Or in the words of the ‘Alt-right’, a ‘normie’. It is quite odd to think that these type of ‘red-pill’ revolutionaries honestly believe that they will have a chance of convincing someone to get behind their cause by backhandedly labeling their would-be audience of converts as ‘normies’ who ‘don’t know any better’. Astonishing you would think that these self-identified intellectuals do not appear to realise that calling those who you seek support from ‘normies’, ‘simpletons’ or ‘lemmings’, is actually quite insulting. Is it really so hard to believe that Mr Joe Average on the street would take offense at insinuations of his incapability to ‘see things as they are’ and poor function as an autonomous human being?

Before I go any further, I just want to acknowledge that I fully understand and can produce evidence of the fact that left-wing and otherwise Marxist individuals are often just as clueless as the ‘alt-right’ are when it comes to attempting to draw in sane newcomers to their cause and ‘movement’. An obvious trickle-on effect of this arrogance and hostility can be seen through the large numbers of people who are now flocking to the right side of the political spectrum, this is also of course among many other underlying factors.

Considering that I am a woman, that this blog is largely intended for women, and that the seemingly biggest and most important struggle for these ‘Alt-right’ types is sucking-in vulnerable white women to act as groupies for their all-male circles, what I am mainly focusing on is the flawed and ineffective tactics which these men (boys) use. Discussion about the lackluster of appeal to sane so-called ‘normie’ white men is something I might talk about in the future.

The reality which these ‘white-revolutionaries’ cannot grasp is that they will likely never succeed in bringing women to their cause as they do not understand nor care about the plight of white women. Any attempt that these men make to signal alleged empathy towards women is usually only ever hollow or inconsistent at very best. These types seem to completely miss the most all-encompassing and fundamental concept to understand when trying to sway a person’s world view, or when trying to make them receptive to new information. Which is of course (if you haven’t realised by now) that people tend to be more interested in what you have to teach or show them, if they first perceive that your message and actions come from a place of concern and empathy.

Here’s the deal, people really aren’t that hard to figure out – myself included. Ultimately what people want, is to be understood and cared about – yes that means men too. Hence it is obvious that the only truly effective way to get someone to listen to you is to show that you genuinely care about their life and hardships. In another time this was probably just good social manners. Trying to convince – (or in this case ‘manipulate’ is a more appropriate word choice), a person by shaming and shouting them down in order to achieve a more favorable outcome for yourself, ‘getting yours’ if you will, will never work to any significant degree on any person who has even one ounce of self-esteem.

Many men on the ‘alt-right’ truly do not care or hold any compassion for others, and especially not for white women. Their intention to ‘red-pill’ ‘normies’ often serves no other purpose than to mold others into objects which could better aid or benefit them. For example, perhaps you may have heard of the whole rhetoric which the porn-loving ‘red-pillers’ parrot about women and purity? It includes gems such as ‘women should be virgins until marriage blah blah but it doesn’t matter what men do and men should have affairs and porn access etc, etc blah blah‘. This type of anti-woman hate-think going on in these circles is indicative of men who are concerned only with ensuring ‘purity’ of a woman for his own personal disrespect and use. Not even one tiny moment of thought is given to the idea that perhaps maybe encouraging abstinence – in both men and women is good. Since sex is inherently emotional, and often young people experience emotional devastation when sexual relationships fail. No concern or empathy at all is shown for the fall-out that can sometimes stunt the growth of an otherwise healthy and happy adult. And what is worse still, is that a mere attempt to mention these very real emotional realities will be met only with indifference – since apparently feelings ‘aren’t a tangible argument‘.

This path of reasoning and type of thinking is how I know that these kinds of men are intrinsically ‘bad’ people to put it bluntly. It is appropriate to label them as this, since they have no apparent or genuine care, concern or empathy for those who they wish to ‘help’. These types of men after all liken the experience of a woman having sex for the first time to losing a ‘freshness seal’ (vomit) rather than a special and emotional time in her young life. I am aware that sometimes this seemingly clueless obliviousness comes from a place of naivety, and perhaps from a lack of understanding that other people, ‘normies’ as they call them, are not as paranoid (and possibly schizophrenic) or as much of a hermit as members of the ‘alt-right’ tend to be.

They don’t deserve too much excuse or overlooking however, since in the vast majority of cases these types of manipulation and ‘red-pilling’ come from an ugly place of selfish and greedy narcissism. Something which by brief inspection, can seem like the aforementioned ‘cluelessness’ and like simply being out of touch, but do not make the mistake of giving these men credit. These asiaphiles parrot aggressive anti-woman hate rhetoric and label it a public service. Their alleged ‘good intentions’ are anything but, and come from a place of complete self-serving narcissism. For many men on the ‘alt-right’ it is simply not enough to have their cake and eat it too, they must own the entire bakery!

If you are a sane woman, or someone who feels attacked by both sides – aka a ‘normie’, next time a ‘red-pill’ pushing salesman comes knocking at your door, slam it in his face. Say no to Eurasian Nationalism and white male supremacy, do not allow these men respect for their views on female worthlessness and for their insatiable lust for never-ending control and sexual perversion. There is an alternative out there, and the alt-right will never deliver true and fair traditionalism. A true European movement worth getting behind is one which nurtures those in need and inspires the good in people. Not one which is fueled by hate and demands never-ending rights without responsibilities.

If there was a socially toxic adult version of a childish tantrum, the ‘alt-right’ would be it.